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    ...and if you ever wonder why you ride this carousel, you did it for the stories we could tell". John Sebastien

One-Line Bio

I'm a Walking Contradiction, Partly Truth and Partly Fiction.


Father, Reader, Writer, Guitar Student, Car-boy, Photographer, Movie Hound, Musicologist, Artist, Critic, Humorist, Renegade Monk. And more....

I am David, son of Clifford
Father of Sarah and Cooper.
I am the quiet one, observing all.
I have the eyes that witness the unseen.
I am the one who can feel your pain,
But who buries his own
I love and envy the artist and his ability to
Produce that which can stir my inner soup.
I am the music that makes men dance
And the turn of a phrase that causes the heart to sing.
I am the sun that can bake the skin
Brown and seduce the senses into euphoria.
I ride the wind with the top down and smile
When the engine screams at full chat, while
The tires barely hold on for dear life.
I am balance---I know where the line is dividing
Almost and Too much.
My ancestors speak to me of their sacrifice
And trust me with their wisdom.
I am a Pilgrim. I go places others can't and won't.
I am an old and stubborn goat, a Capricorn, the Rooster, Earth, a 4.
The owl is my reflection in the lake on a moonlit night.
I can love you longer than you can love me,
And will probably hold that against you.
I am a walking contradiction, partly truth and partly fiction.
But I Am a child of God, who made me this way rather than your way.
I am a student learning what is mine to learn.
And on a good day, in every Present moment, I am already a complete
And unique and perfect Genius, the Champion of my Soul,
An Outrageous Expression of Life.
I Am That................................. I Am.


playing guitar, reading, writing